Roof Maintenance


Every time it rains you depend on your roof!

Do you take yours for granted?

Roof Inspection and Maintenance Specification


Inspect the following items:

  • Roof Membrane
  • Perimeter Flashings
  • Equipment Curb Flashings
  • Roof Penetrations
  • Drainage Details
  • Walk Treads

Moisture Scan

  • Perform random moisture scan with a capacitance meter at applicable roof areas.


  • Remove debris from roof, drains, and gutters.
  • Photograph existing conditions.

Perform minor repairs on the following items:

  • Fractured Blisters (Built-up Roofs)
  • Delaminated Seams (Single-Ply Roofs)
  • Dislodged Insulation (Protected Membrane Roofs)
  • Roof membrane Splitting/Holes
  • Uncovered Areas
  • Pitch Pans
  • Infrared scanning for detection of water infiltration


  • Submit report with roof plan and photographs detailing observations / recommendations
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